Birds with Words Cards

sassy cards to give to people you like

Let people know you’re thinking of them.

There are four personalities of cards:

  • Birds with Words are sassy and don’t hold back
  • Birds with Words: Veg for the veggies in your life
  • Birds of a Certain Age for women of a certain age
  • Birds with Quotes share sayings to inspire your day

All cards are 5.25″ x 5.25″ and come with a white envelope.



I am happy to personalize select Birds with Words or Birds of a Certain Age cards for you. I can use any name you want on the card, even (especially) yours! If available, you’ll see the Personalization option on the Product page.

It will take a few extra days to do this, since each one is printed individually, but it’s totally worth the wait, I promise!