Original & Custom Bird Stitch Projects

some finished birds for your home

Original Bird Stitch Art

Below, you can see finished Bird Stitch projects that I have completed, framed and are ready to purchase.

Custom Work

I can custom-make a Bird Stitch just for you, using your very own bird photo (wild birds only, please. Pets are wonderful, but right now I’m focusing on their wild friends).

These can take up to six weeks, depending on their complexity. Once you order one, we will discuss details via email. You will have to provide me up to three photo options and together we’ll select the most appropriate one for stitching.

Note that they will have to be high resolution images so they print well. We’ll go over everything together, don’t worry.


Custom Pieces

Do you have a photo of a wild bird that you would love to see embroidered? I would love to make you one! Take a look at the product page for all the details.

You will need to be able to provide me with up to three high resolution images. Together, we’ll pick the best one.

Please note: you maintain the copyright to your photo and I will never, ever reproduce it for myself or anyone else. I would like to use a photo of it for marketing and as an example of custom projects, though, please.